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I've always wanted to be a super hero

What if I instantly fall so deeply in love the second I see her?

But what if I already love her?

If I already love her, when would be a good time to tell her?

And if I fall in love when I see her, should I tell her then?

So many questions run through my mind because my entire life I’ve been told “no. It’s too soon,” “no. It’s too late,” “you’re moving too fast,” “things are moving too slow.”

Why do people think that speed and time have to determine when and where and whether or not someone is in love?

I hate society. I’m going to do whatever I want. I won’t even ask questions because I have none to ask. With her, I don’t question anything. Things are extremely clear. With her, I feel that if I am or do fall in love with her, I can tell her at any time.

I’m not afraid. I’m not scared. I’m comfortable and secure about everything between us. I love who she is, how she is, what she’s about. I love that right at this moment, I don’t know everything about her and I love that I get to spend time with her and take the time to get to know her so that a year or so down the road if I decide to propose, if we’re still together, I know exactly what ring to get, how to give it to her, what to say to her when I look into her eyes right before I tell her that I will love her for eternity.

All I know right now is that I want to be with her and she is the only girl that I ever want to be with. Period.

I’m in a relationship with Talisha Lynn Mikesell and I couldn’t be any happier than at this very moment right now.

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